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Enya Nova UE Pro White Carbon Fibre Electro Tenor Ukulele

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Enya Nova UE Pro White Carbon Fibre Electro Tenor Ukulele
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Enya Nova UE Pro White Carbon Fibre Electro Tenor Ukulele

Now in their tenth year of producing instruments, Enya Music have quickly become a firm favourite amongst customers and staff alike. With eye-catching designs and colourful options, these unique instruments capture your imagination without compromising on quality.

Enya have developed the long awaited Tenor 'Pro' version of their best-selling Nova Ukulele, and this instrument delivers the same lightweight, innovative carbon fibre thinline design in a more professional stage-ready package.
What sets the pro version apart from the regular Enya Nova? In addition to the longer Tenor scale length and larger body, importantly the Nova Pro Tenors feature hard wearing metal frets, for longer lasting playing time on your travels and for more demanding professional applications either on stage or in the studio.

Plug in and amp up with the on-board Enya pick-up. As well as the usual volume control, the on-board controls feature chorus, delay and reverb effects allowing the player to experiment with an array of different sounds. Ingeniously, the pick-up can be charged for use via USB-C connection, meaning no batteries are required. As a perfect travel style electric ukulele, the Enya Nova UE Pro also has a built in pre-amp for hearing its built in FX through the sound port at the side of the instrument. No additional amplification is required, and if you do want to turn up to 11, the regular 1/4 inch output jack allows the Enya Nova to be plugged into an amplifier of your choice, just like a regular Electric Ukulele, guitar or bass.

Social media was buzzing when the Nova U series debuted and it’s not hard to see why. Its unique carbon fibre construction makes it very durable and lightweight. This construction combined with its original soundhole configuration results in a surprisingly bright and novel tone. The ergonomic design of the Nova U also features a thinner profile, delivering a more comfortable playing experience. For tone, durability, playability, and quality, the Nova U series is a great choice. 

Each Nova U instrument comes with a spare set of strings, as well as a colour-matching capo, strap, and gigbag. Whether a ukulele aficionado looking for an innovative ukulele, or a total beginner searching for a well-rounded package, the Nova U offers plenty for everyone.